A Japanese concept focussing on the space between things.

The pause between two musical notes.

The space inside a room.

Ma is the promise of possibilities.

Ever get the feeling that you don’t have time to do things properly?

Like a book without sentences, paragraphs and chapters, life without Ma is cluttered. The lack of a deliberate beginning and end between tasks means they simply flow into each other. Things, whatever their value, cannot stand out when there’s clutter, because of a lack of Ma.

We introduced the concept of Ma to a team who were taking some time out to define their vision and refine their individual goals.

Ma was useful in emphasising the positive aspects of taking time to be quiet and reflect. In our culture, pausing and being quiet is not always seen as being positive which is wrong.

We need moments of pause between tasks. These allow us to reset before rushing headlong into the next thing. This peace of mind allows us to be fully focussed and can help make our busy lives more meaningful.

Treat yourself to some Ma

Enjoy a quiet tea break (without checking instagram).

Take a walk and just listen.

However you chose to do it, try basking in the serenity of Ma before getting stuck into your next task.