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We’re often asked: How can I make my team more creative?
Why do we keep coming up with the same ideas?
Can you help us stretch beyond our current thinking?
How do we communicate this new technology?

 This quartet of workshops are our answer. Choose yours today.



innovation workshops


breakthrough innovation

Sometimes even the best teams and businesses hit the 'idea wall'.

Innovation dries up, creativity stagnates and everything that can be researched or workshopped, has been... to death.

Cue The Insights Shed. We re-energise teams, stretch them in new and inspiring ways and help them see things from a fresh perspective. 

Not only do they bond and win a renewed sense of purpose but they also produce big, breakthrough ideas that consumers love.



  • Creative thinking & mindset tools
  • Training in a five phase problem solving framework
  • Deep dive insight process
  •  Ideation across platforms
  • Concept development ready for testing
innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way

mapping for a common goal

strategy workshops



Every journey needs a roadmap. We’ll help you devise yours by guiding and inspiring you to go big or go home.

When we go into businesses, we often find teams working in isolation. Our roadmaps unite those teams and help prioritise projects, set time-frames and invigorate work streams. The ultimate goal is to deliver what consumers really want - and to keep that fresh and relevant.

By working together to define a universal plan, teams come together and agree what steps they’ll take to reach that common goal.



  • Articulating your destination
  • Plotting your waypoints
  • Designing the assets you’ll need to get there (eg the product, the pack, claims, demos, comms etc)
  • Identifying research and resource requirements
  • Defining risks, challenges and success factors

To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan... believe... act!
— Alfred A Montapert

Your product promise 

claims & demos workshops


Compelling Claims & demos

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of brands. It’s that unrivalled experience that has earned us our reputation as global claims experts.

Our unique approach blends science, art and insight, creating a fast and efficient framework to move from the bare facts about your product, to shouting about its benefits in a way that’s compelling to your consumer.

Demos are the next step, where we can help you bring those claims to life for trade or consumers by creating powerful stories, visuals and activities. 



  • Understanding your target consumer and what they want to hear
  • Identifying your benefits
  • Creating claims for packs, ads, social media etc
  • Finding a way to say/show your message that helps you get noticed

Moving from complex science to powerful claims is an art form.

appearences are everything

Packaging workshops


Looks Matter

Packaging is key to a product's claim. As consumers approach a fixture, it’s the packaging that speaks volumes and triggers emotions.

We work with packaging teams to inspire new ideas, run workshops with cross-functional teams to discover how packaging can help communicate a specific message and delve into seasonal specialities to develop packaging for Christmas or other vital retail opportunities.



  • Packaging inspiration sessions
  • Brand + packaging workshops
  • Packaging + claims workshops
Making the simple,awesomely simple -that’s creativity